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Little Old Ships – Adrian White

I attended Art School many years ago and then worked on the water for 13 years as barge mate, fisherman and paid hand in yachts until I came ashore to have my back screwed together. I started painting seriously again 28 years ago. The little oil paintings are from my old black and white photos, which go back a long way and the monochromes are from engravings that go back even further.
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Shed Crafts

A wide variety of items individually found and finished in a variety of materials and finishes.Items include those made of wood, linens etc. and decorated glassware. Many items are one-offs and can be made to order Signs are made strictly to order with a small deposit taken.Jean and Richard are contactable via their business cards, (ask at counter), and will be pleased to try and meet your require...
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Cupcakes n’ Crafts

I’m Adrian Hipkins and I create beautiful stained glass items for our business - Cupcakes n’ Crafts.I’m a trained stained glass artisan and we are members of ‘Creative Canterbury’. I design and create stained glass pictures that are individual and unique, taking my inspiration not only from the textures and colours of the glass but also from the environment around me, such as nature’s wonderful di...
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K R Gifts – Steve

I am always on the lookout for un-usual Gifts that you typically wouldn’t find on the High Street. I also feel that customers want to see, touch and feel the product because it all part of the shopping experience. For me taking up the opportunity to display my Gifts at ‘The Place To’ was an easy decision, I think that the environment that mixes Artists, Craft, Home and small businesses together ma...
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The Lipscombes

In his teens Geoff Lipscombe studied at an art college but after art training decided to become a professional musician. Most of his life was spent playing the piano in dance bands, accompanying singers and recording. Since his retirement from the music scene he decided to pick up the brush again and has been painting water colours for the past few years. His wife Eva is relatively new to the art...
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Over the past year we have rented out our small beach huts to over 20 local artists and crafters. It has been a really successful year and we have welcomed local people from Deal as well as tourists to The Place To at the end of George Alley. It has grown and matured to meet the needs of the "residents" who we have listened to. This year we have sold art, glass, copper, antiques, retro item...
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