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Primal Canvas – Shaun Charlton

I have a business background working with creative agencies in print and design but my other passion is in producing large one-off paintings in an ‘Abstract Expressionism’ style. Many of the
techniques used I have developed over the years and have slowly developed into a signature style, that involves multiple layers and textures. My aim is alway to invoke an emotion with the viewer
that establishes a relationship with the painting and reaches deep into the human soul. Hence my studio trades under the name of ‘Primal Canvas’.

I have produced a number of works for corporate clients, both in the UK and mainland Europe. Nothing makes me happier than providing a painting for an individual enthusiast who has connected with my work. My paintings can be produced on a scale up to 4ft x 8ft, although my most common size usually stands at around, 4ft x 4ft. Also for maximum impact, groups of 3 (Triptych) can be most effective to fill a large space, or create a dramatic feature wall.

I am available to be commissioned for bespoke paintings and would normally consult with my client before embarking on a project to establish size, colour pallet and desired mood of the painting. I also sell my completed works as one-offs.

I am really excited to be part of the ‘The Place to…’
community to ‘Paint dream and be inspired…….