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License Dates Periods


What spaces can you Rent?

At the present time there are:

  Low Season
(4 weeks)
High Season
(4 weeks)
Beach Huts (A,B,C,D) £65 £85
Beach Hut E £45 £65
Boards (A,B,C,D,E,G) £40 £50
Floor Shelves (A,B) £40 £50
Writing Desk £30 £40
Cart £30 £40
Shelf Stack £25 £35
Column Rack £25 £30
Circles £20 £25

How long do I have to rent them for?

Your rental will be for 4 week periods, the period dates are shown overleaf. To ensure a freshness to the shop, a maximum of 6 periods may be booked consecutively.

Do I have to be in the shop?

One of our staff, led by our Shop Manager, is present on the opening days, and make clients welcome, They will take any monies, wrap the goods and provide receipts as necessary.

When do I get paid?

Within three weeks of the end of a period, you will be paid for your sales via bank transfer. You will receive 100% of the cash sales, and 98% of the sales made using a credit or debit card.

How do I book?

Please read the contract at theplaceto.co.uk/rental-license-agreement before making a booking request, as in doing so you are accepting those terms. Make a request for a space via the website at theplaceto.co.uk/space-bookings Once we have received the request, we will check availability and suggest an alternative date or confirm your request by email.