Looking for gifts for a certain Mr someone in June?
Don’t be fooled by this weather, winter is not coming.
In fact, next month is June. What do we have to look forward to in June? The sun? Probably not… Getting a lovely tan on the beach of Deal? Also quite unlikely… FATHER’S DAY! Father’s day is almost upon us and there might be a father out there that deserves a lovely gift! Not sure what though?
Come on down to The Place To and choose from a wide selection.
We have knitted goods by Knit Knacks, handcrafted furniture and other items made of oak by Barrels and BespOak! We have handmade quilts and cushions by RibbonBelle, father’s day cards made by various different individuals with varied styles and we have birdhouses and birdfeeders because there are daddy birds too!
Or perhaps papa likes to drink! We have a brew hut for anyone that enjoys making beer and/or a wine!

So come on down to The Place To and simply pretend the weather is nice!