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Home Front take up residency at The Place to… 22nd July 2017

The Home Front have many things to offer, varying from teddies and scarfs to lavender bags and cushions! So much lavender!
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…by Emma Jane 22nd July 2017...by Emma Jane

…By Emma Jane Today we were joined by a lovely collection of handmade teddy bears and lavender bags By Emma Jane. They all fit on those shelves perfectly!
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Magic and Sparkle 21st July 2017Magic and Sparkle

Magic and Sparkle Glass are one of our new residencies, selling beautifully decorated glass ware.   Make that evening glass or prosecco or g and t even more appealing.
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19th May 2017

Looking for gifts for a certain Mr someone in June? Don’t be fooled by this weather, winter is not coming. In fact, next month is June. What do we have to look forward to in June? The sun? Probably not… Getting a lovely tan on the beach of Deal? Also quite unlikely… FATHER’S DAY! Father’s day is ...
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1st April 2017

Welcome to April! The Place To are open and that is no joke!
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