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18th August 2016

We are sad to see Lyn’s ‘Gleaners’ hut leave us but are very excited to have Heather Wood’s ‘In The Attic’ join us today to display quilts and jewellery! We also have Caitlin Davies’ ‘SEA’ back after a break, come on in to see her handmade pottery and paintings!
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Over the past year we have rented out our small beach huts to over 20 local artists and crafters. It has been a really successful year and we have welcomed local people from Deal as well as tourists to The Place To at the end of George Alley. It has grown and matured to meet the needs ...
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Working on our birthday! 24th July 2016Working on our birthday!

Happy Sunday! It is our 1st birthday and we are open! Aren’t we good? Working on our birthday! We are celebrating with nibbles, juice and prosecco (preferably not all at once) between 13:30 -15:00! We also have balloons for the children to take with them on their travels! The residents will be down and the huts will be ...
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MoonGazer is back 23rd July 2016MoonGazer is back

Ashlie Ashdown aka MoonGazer is back after a short break, now with new jewellery and scarves!
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Popple Art 23rd July 2016Popple Art

I was born in 1941, I studied at art school, then worked in a studio at a publishing house for 14 years. I had various work experiences, then did my own thing for many years. Four years ago I started painting again.
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